We will only ever start a remote support session with your permission.

Remote sessions are established to help the support representative help fix your computer or device.

During the session, the system will collect the following personal information:

· Your name

· The name of your computer or your device

· The IP address of your computer or device

· Information about the hardware and configuration of your computer or device

With permission, and only if required, we can also collect full and detailed computer or device configuration. We rely upon the legitimate interest lawful basis in order to use your personal information in this manner. For further information about the legitimate interest lawful basis please see: (Staff and guests) or (Students)

Any and all information gathered is deleted on a rolling 90 day basis.

Contact with the support representative should be maintained at all times during the session, either by telephone or live chat. If you are unable to maintain telephone or chat contact then the session will be ended and all screen sharing and access will stop.

Please follow the acceptable use policy whilst using remote support: (acceptable use)

For further information about the processing of your personal data and the data subject rights please see either the Student Privacy Notice or the Staff Privacy Notice